Why You Should Wear Sunglasses Year Round

It is considered “taboo” among many people to wear sunglasses when winter comes along. With the lack of heat in the air, most people are convinced that the ultra-violet rays have no effect on their eyes. However, this is a false belief.  The sun’s rays can still do serious damage to your eyes-whether you live in below-freezing, snowy weather, or in the hot and sunny South.

Below are some of the important reasons to wear sunglasses in the winter:

  • UV exposure causes cataracts. Just because the sun’s rays are not as intense or hot doesn’t mean your eyes are immune to the light. Exposure to UV radiation is one of the most common causes of cataracts. Eye protection reduces risk of cataracts.
  • Sunglasses reduce glare.  Snow and ice are extremely reflective.  This reflective glare can be very dangerous when driving or doing any activity outside. However, high quality sunglasses shield your eyes and dramatically reduce glare.
  • Sunglasses reduce headaches. In bright light, pupils constrict to prevent too much light hitting the retina. In very bright conditions, however, the pupil can’t constrict enough to reduce light exposure enough to a comfortable level, resulting in us squinting, which can cause headaches.

Don’t be thrown off by the freezing weather! Take cover this winter and have Dr. Burch and his staff help you pick out the right pair for you.


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