Unblurring Ancient Vision Care

Ever wonder what Roman emperors and our ancient ancestors used to help them see clearly? Here are some facts to clear up our blurry past!

  • The first vision aid was invented around 1000 AD. It was called a reading stone – a small glass sphere that was placed on top of small letters and texts to magnify them for easy reading.

  •  Wearable eyeglasses can be traced back to Italy around 1284. The first eyeglasses were simply glass lenses mounted on heavy frames that were held up manually or worn on the nose. These frames were made of natural materials like wood, copper, leather and bone.

  •  In ancient Rome, the emperor Nero would hold a polished emerald in front of his eyes to reduce the sun’s glare while he watched gladiators fight

  • Early Spanish eyeglasses had ribbons fixed to the lenses and looped the ribbons on the wearer’s ears to keep them from constantly slipping down the nose. This led to the creation of the modern arms that allow glasses to rest on the bridge of the nose and on top of the ears without slipping in the 1700s.

  • Chinese judges of the 12th-century wore a type of ‘sunglasses’ made from smoky quartz crystals. They held them in front of their faces so their expressions couldn’t be discerned by witnesses they interrogated.

Imagine holding stones to your eyes or fastening bone glasses using ribbons? Aren’t you glad of how far vision care has come?

To pick up a pair of new glasses, come into Danada Vision Center! We might not have glasses made of polished emeralds, but we do have a wide variety of styles to complement any gladiator-game attendee.

Dr. Burch and his team provide exceptional eye care in a fun and educational environment.  Patient relationships are their focus, and Danada Vision Center uses the latest in eye health practices, technology and products.  With offices in Wheaton and Villa Park, you can trust them to take good care of your eyes, while making sure you are sporting fashionable and trending eyewear.  To make an appointment for your eye exam, visit www.danadavisioncenter.com.


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