At Danada Vision our goal is to provide you with the best eye health care and a positive experience. Therefore, we would like to emphasize that as health care providers, our relationship is with you and not your insurance company. Filing insurance claims is a courtesy that we extend to our patients. We would be happy to help you receive maximum allowable benefits. In order to establish and maintain a pleasant professional working relationship with you please take a few moments to review the following information:

Vision Insurance

The ultimate insurance relationship is between our office and you, NOT our office and your insurance company. If you have vision insurance, we will bill your company directly as a courtesy to you. To do this correctly and promptly, we need the most current and accurate information, including verification of insurance and proper identity.

Medical Insurance

If our doctors deem necessary that your vision exam be billed medically, we will bill your medical insurance directly as a courtesy to you. Again, our financial relationship is between our office and you.

We will do our best to determine benefits before your appointment time if we have current insurance information. If this is not possible, during your appointment, our staff will contact your insurance company to determine coverage within your plan. This is not a guarantee of payment of benefits by your insurance company as initially reported to us. If we are unable to verify benefits, you may opt to reschedule your appointment or pay at the time of services. Any unpaid balance will be mailed to you.

Payment Options

Payment is expected at time services are rendered. This includes co-pays, deductibles and remaining balances after insurance billings. We accept cash, checks, debit cards and credit cards (MC, Visa, Discover, American Express and Care Credit). There will be a $25 charge if a check is returned from the bank as ‘”non-sufficient funds”.

48 Hour Cancellation /Reschedule Policy

If you choose to cancel or reschedule future appointment, we require a minimum of 48 hours notice so that we can accommodate other patients waiting for appointments. A $25 charge will be applied for each cancelled or rescheduled appointment without a 48-hour notification. We will take into account unavoidable emergency situations.