I have astigmatism and need glasses for reading. Are there contacts for me?

Yes there are contacts that can suit both of those vision needs. To see if you would be a candidate for this style of contact lens, please make an appointment with one of our skilled optometrists. We would love to opportunity to see if these contacts will fit your vision needs!

I enjoy playing golf but traditional sunglass lenses are too dark when I play on overcast days. Is there an alternative to prescription sunglasses?

Absolutely! The lens manufacturer Essilor make the Definity Fairway lens that is ideal for golfers even on overcast days. Stop in to talk with one of our knowledgeable opticians about these great lenses!

I don’t need glasses for distance but I do a lot of computer work and reading at my job. Is there a lens that can help to work more comfortably?

Definitely. The Shamir Office lenses are perfect for someone who needs a lot of reading area in their lenses but also needs to be able to see their computer comfortably. Our staff can tell you more about these lenses. Stop in today!

I like to wear my glasses mostly but I would like contacts for special occasions. Are there options for me?

There are many different daily contacts available. We have them for people with astigmatism and need for bifocals as well. Schedule an appointment with one of our doctors and see if these contacts would be right for you!

My child is entering Kindergarten and needs an eye exam. Do you perform eye exams on children?

Certainly. Call us to schedule an appointment and we can complete the forms needed to turn into your child’s school. We also have a wide selection of kids’ eyeglass frames to pick from!

I’m thinking about signing up for my employer’s vision insurance plan. Which ones do you accept?

The insurances we accept include Vision Service Plan (VSP), Eyemed, Vision Care Plan (VCP), Humana Comp benefits, Davis Vision and we are on most medical insurance provider panels for medical office visits. Also, we can check with your insurance company to see if we are providers. Call us for an appointment today!

I’m going on vacation and needs my glasses before I leave. How long do eye glass orders typically take?

Most of our orders take no more than two weeks. We want to ensure that your glasses are perfect for you. However, we can expedite some orders if you need them in a certain time frame. Stop in to take a look at our great frame selection!

I have vision insurance. Do you submit the claim or do I?

On most insurances we accept, we will submit the claims for you. If you have an insurance that requires you to pay out of pocket, we will be more than happy to supply you any documentation you would need in order to receive reimbursement. Give us a call to schedule an appointment!