Myths About EyeCare

There are plenty of old wives’ tales that can make learning about vision pretty blurry. We’re here to set the record straight!

Myth: If you eat carrots they will improve your vision.

Fact: Though parents have used this to encourage healthy eating, much like “crusts make curly hair”, it does not have a direct impact on your vision. Carrots are  good for healthy eyesight due to vitamin A content, an important vitamin for vision development: However, a balanced diet can contain lots of foods that offer similar benefits. In any case, eating a lot of carrots won’t help you see better unless you suffer from vitamin A deficiency. Also, eating too many carrots can be its own problem, causing your skin to turn yellow. This myth was developed in World War Two to encourage sugar rations and inspire kids to eat carrots so they could fight as soldiers with night vision.

Myth: Reading in the dark can damage your eyes.

Fact: We have all read in the dark. Despite warnings from others, the only thing this will cause is eye fatigue. You may get slight headaches and your eyes will become tired causing vision to seem blurry but this is only temporary and no permanent damage has been done to your vision.

Myth: Sitting too close to the TV will ruin your eyes

Fact: Mothers have always warned that you would ruin your eyesight if you sat too close up to the TV.. However, unfortunately for parents, that’s not true. Watching TV can’t cause your eyes any physical harm or permanent damage. Your eyes may feel more tired if you sit too close to the TV, but you can fix that by giving your eyes a rest: follow mom’s advice and get outside!

Myth: Crossing your eyes will make them stay that way 

Fact: Again, sorry moms. Our eye muscles allow us to move our eyes in all directions. Moving your eyes any which way doesn’t freeze them permanently, and crossing your eyes won’t force them to stay put. Permanently crossed eyes result from disease, uncorrected vision, or from muscle or nerve damage. If you are experiencing involuntary crossed vision, please call your eye care provider. It’s due to a more serious issue rather than goofing around when you were little!

Myth:  Wearing glasses makes your eyes dependent on them

Eyeglasses correct blurry vision, not the other way around. You may want to wear your glasses more often so that you can see clearly, but your glasses aren’t changing your eyes so that they become dependent on your eyeglasses. In fact over time, your vision may slightly improve. You’re just getting used to seeing things more clearly. Similarly, wearing glasses with the wrong prescription won’t ruin your eyes. You just won’t see as clearly as you would with the proper prescription.

Myth:  Only boys are color blind 

Fact: Color blindness, also known as color deficiency, happens when you are unable to see colors in a certain way. Color blindness usually is recognizable when a person cannot distinguish between certain colors, usually between greens and reds, and occasionally blues. While males are much more likely to develop color blindness, females can also develop this condition. This is because the genes for the red and green color receptors are located on the X chromosome, of which males have only one and females have two, making it more common for males to have as it is a recessive trait.

Myth: You don’t need to have regular eye exams. You only need to have your eyes checked when you are experiencing problems.

Fact: It is extremely important to have regular eye exams. Regular eye exams can prevent eye disease, help find other health problems, and correct vision at an early stage before any symptoms are noticed. You can call Danada Vision Center’s Wheaton location at (630)-668-0378  or Villa Park location (630)-279-0505 to schedule your appointment today!

We hope this gave some clarity on facts of eye care, and if not, feel free to make your vision clearer by coming in to Danada Vision Center!

Dr. Burch and his team provide exceptional eye care in a fun and educational environment.  Patient relationships are their focus, and Danada Vision Center uses the latest in eye health practices, technology and products.  With offices in Wheaton and Villa Park, you can trust them to take good care of your eyes, while making sure you are sporting fashionable and trending eyewear.  To make an appointment for your eye exam, visit

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