Is It Time For Reading Glasses?

As you age, you will start to notice changes in your eyes and vision. Especially if you are in your forties or fifties, you may start to hold your book or newspaper farther away from your eyes in order to actually read them. If you bring the material any closer, you would not be able to read the words due to blurry vision. If this is happening to you, then it may be time to buy a pair of reading glasses.

The reason your vision blurs is because as you age, your eyes’ lenses lose flexibility, making it harder to sharply focus on the fine details of objects held at a close distance. It’s a very natural part of the aging process so everyone may experience this type of vision loss to some extent.

If you have to read and hold items at an arm’s length to clearly seem them, or if you deal with eye fatigue and stress when doing things that require fine visual detail, then you should contact us. We are glad to set up an appointment to have your eyes checked and to prescribe the right pair of reading glasses for you.

Choosing the Right Pair of Reading Glasses

Before you buy a pair of reading glasses, we recommend that you check with us so that you can get the correct glasses prescription and to see what glasses options we have for you. But if you want to choose a pair on your own, you can actually purchase reading glasses without a prescription at any drug store, department store, or vision center.

It’s important that you get reading glasses at a strength that matches the amount of correction your vision requires. You should determine the lowest strength that properly brings fine details into focus. If you get reading glasses that are too strong, this could result in headaches or eye fatigue.

Even people who already wear glasses can develop near vision loss. In this case, you might want to consider purchasing bifocal reading glasses, which combine two prescriptions into one set of eyeglasses. The upper half of bifocal reading glasses allows you to see clearly at a distance, while the lower half lets you make out fine details up close. Trifocal reading glasses, featuring a medium visual range, are also available.

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