Eye-Conic: Eyeglasses In Pop Culture

Life would be pretty boring without interesting styles and bright colors. Ever wonder where some iconic styles came from? Here are some top 6 eyeglass styles made popular through pop culture.

Sir Elton John

Singer and songwriter Sir Elton John’s love for wacky and unique glasses are no secret. His personal glasses collection boasts of more than 25,000 pairs and growing

Tom Cruise 

Tom Cruise made aviators popular with his action movie, Top Gun. Since then, they’ve become a staple in any sunglass-enthusiast’s collection. Before Tom Cruise made them famous, Ray-ban aviator sunglasses were originally designed for pilots in the US military to protect their eyes while flying, hence the name ‘aviator’.

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly is best known for his music career, glasses, and premature death from an airplane crash at the young age of 22. More than 50 years after his death, Buddy Holly remains the symbol of nerd chic glasses. Many don’t know that the glasses he wore were chosen by his optometrist, who believed that he should wear a bold pair that would help convey the big personality needed for a performer.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones rock a Ray-Ban style in the famous alien movie series, Men in Black. These frames offer secret agents Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones protection from the flashback of their memory-wiping devices, while also making the secret agents look sleek and stylish. These fellows radiate cool in their alien fighting careers.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn conveyed all the class, glitz, and glamour with old Hollywood, as well as being a classy advocate for human rights. She made the cat-eye glasses famous in her role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, making her a cornerstone in fashion glasses in the 1960s. These frames are still popular today, and still radiate Hepburn’s elegant presence.


Everyone assumes that Bono, the U2 frontman, wears his  omnipresent  sunglasses were a rock star quirk, but recently he shared that he wears them because he is diagnosed with glaucoma. He has had the condition for twenty years, and no one knew! Glaucoma is a building pressure in the eye which could harm the optic nerve and may cause blindness if gone untreated: Bono uses his glasses to aid his vision condition.

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